About us :-  

          Shri Narendra Naredi is the chairman of the company. He is also chairman of Naredi group. The company benefits from his vast experiences of more than 35 years in various fields and business. He has been the leading force behind the development of the group from scratch to the prison it is in today.
          Shri Priyank Naredi is the Director of the company. He is by education Chartered Accountants. He looks day to day affairs of the company. He is tech savvy person by nature and hands on manager.
          The board of directors is supported by very professional & dedicative team of experts from various related field. Company is professionally managed by CA, Engg, and MBA other technically expert.

Company vision is to establish top ranking in supply of Each category of its products.

Company has its following mottos.
• Consistent quality of its product.
• Timely supply to our customer.
• Competitive rate of its product.
Corporate Social Responsibilities

Other Group’s Activities
• Cinema Hall at Nimbahera in name of “Novelty Cinema”
• Cinema Hall at Chhoti sadri in name of “Devendra Cinema”
• Warehousing Business at mbahera in name of “ Naredi Warehouse”