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Welcome to Naredi Polypack

           The group companies manufacture high quality HDPE/PP mesh fabrics, Laminated & Unlaminated Woven Bags, Leno Bags and Shading Nets. We also develop custom packaging solutions for specific customer needs.

          Our products are used in various applications in the field of agriculture, aquaculture, floriculture, cement industries, fertilizer industries and consumer textiles. The monofilament fabrics are popular as mosquito curtain fabrics, fish breeding nets, mesh fabrics for windows, insect screens, various sieving and filtration applications, floriculture and vegetable packaging.

          These fabrics are available in 40 different varieties in various colours. Our packaging solutions include sacks and bags for fertilizers, cement, sugar, food grains, tea, animal feeds, chemicals, wrapping fabric for textiles and paper mills, breathable Leno & Raschel Knit Sacks that provide good aeration for packing of fresh produce like onions and potatoes and other vegetables.

          All these products are available in wide range of sizes and colours with an option of UV protection. We have just established a Shading Net manufacturing line producing nets ranging between 25% and 95% shading factor. The Nets are highly stabilized for protection against continuous exposure to UV radiation and are available in various colours.Detail of product applications and services we address in this site is available to you under the Products & Applications segment.Please contact us for any of your requirements.